Precision Mold Manufacturing

Stages of Precision Molds Manufacturing:

Selection of steel and standard components
Specific tolerances for individual parts
Machining of mold base, core and cavity inserts
Heat treatment
Tool steel measurement
Assembly of molds
Mold trial
High end mold making machines


Roders  RXP 300 (50,000 rpm)

AgieCharmilles, Cut 2000 OilTech

Yasda YBM 640 V3 (24,000 rpm)

AgieCharmilles, Form 200 BP
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Precision Insert Fabrication

Inserts are the “heart” of the precision molds

Specialty Molds

  • Metal injection molds
  • Die casting molds
  • Precision mold for small parts
33 Sets of Sliders Move in Circular Direction to Form this Component
Inserts and Components from Specialty molds; Metal Injection, Die Casting and Micro Molds
Small Precision Parts; Lens and Medical application

Precision Inserts for Injection Mold

Examples of Molded Products

Examples of Small and Micro Molded Parts Products

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